Monday, 23 February 2009

They Say

Reading the morning papers, as I usually do, I was inspired by an article which spoke of a community orchard which has been sown in a Godforsaken land nearby the railroad tracks in Caballito. I personally found it a delightful idea, seeming to me a preposterous thing to have land left scattered, without it being tended and made fruitful. Apparently, the neighbours find it utterly offensive that people can turn an awful space into a haven and have asked the city government to get rid of it.

Your Lady supports this venture, and wishes for many more to come. This little poem is dedicated to those who brought green hope to this world, while I drink some tea made by assorted blends of herbs from the Cordoba Sierras.

The gorgeous butterfly image was taken at the Huerta Orgázmika and is a clear proof that their deeds are good and necessary. More power to them!


They say,
Why should we share?
There is not enough
For ourselves.

They say,
Why should they enjoy the sunshine?
We spend every day
Enslaved in our caves.

They say,
Why should they be happy?
When I’m weary and sad all day,

They say,
Why should we endure in the city
That foul little piece of dirt?
When I never touched the soil,
And I never grew a plant,
And have no respect for life
But my own.

They say, they say, they say!
But most of them are afraid
Of the freedom and the purity
That little piece of land nobody wanted
Really represents…


  1. Lo del mix de idiomas es porque soy amante del inglés, y estudio para ser traductora, aunque mi carrera frustrada es Letras.
    Después te sigo leyendo.

  2. i spik inglish olso veri guel

    sen kiu

    ai lov iu ol


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