Friday, 6 February 2009

The Mystical Company of the Holy Six

First of all, I´d love to thank the darling friends who follow my musings. You are aware that without your adoration I would cease to exist!
Friday is upon us again, so I am taking the chance through verse, to relive the last of Venus´favourite day. That is last Friday. In which an inner circle of six of us had an ecstatic experience in the fore mentioned Bella Vista Estate owned by my dear friend Johann Sebastiann (since as such he was recently rechristened).
In an eerie note, I´d like to point out that the number six is a loving, stable, and harmonious vibration, also ruled by the Goddess Venus, Aphrodite in Greek (Αφροδίτη).

The picture portrays a mosaic of the God Dionysus (Διόνυσος) riding a tiger, as featured in the Museum of El Jem in Tunisia. Very fittingly, Dionysus is the god of wine, the inspirer of ritual madness and ecstasy and consorted with Aphrodite.

Tonight, I recommend a tangerine tea made from chinese Oolong, spiked with some electric entheogens... Even Ladies expand their consciousness.


The Mystical Company of
The Holy Six
Who all came their own way
To spend their days
Beneath the moon and stars,
Under the water
and under the sun.

Their quest to forfeit
The blatant lies
Of society and city,
And to listen for once
To the subtle music
Of the birds and trees.

In bucolic recollection,
I will give account
Of their trip to the realm
Of the expanded mind,
And the REAL characters adopted
Once egos are left behind.

It is in such Ancient World,
That maenads and satyrs
Wandered across the forests
alongside the God Dionysus...

It was said by the High Priestess,
Who lived within the Forest House
Before the mists of Avalon came to be,
Before Legions trampled on the White Isle,
That those who sought the Horned God
Were pursuited by Him instead.

And with such frenzy it was,
That the seeker became trapped
In a world between the worlds,
Only to return at noon
And once the morning mists were gone.

It all started as a game,
Alas! Doesn´t it all?
And as the players shared
The soma of heavenly delight,
The voices of the night became
Much clearer than those of light.
And in the magic of the moonlight saw,
How players changed from man to myth,
and shed their heads...

Imago is as shadow,
The visible construction
Of the personage.
We play until we remember
Which face, which moment,
Which part?

The Priestess, The Poet, The Pirate,
The Virgin, The Lizard and the Crazy Duck...
Which is which,
And who is what?

Oh, but the stars shone so bright!
Oh, but the guests were so brave!
Oh, the night, such a night!
It will be forever pursuited,
But never will be as that.

They danced
And they sang,
They laughed
And they drank.
They searched for the Holy
And for their lost friend
They cried.

And as each of the Six
Discovered a world of folly,
Each one in their own way
Found the way back home.
And to this earthly realm,
They returned.

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  1. What a wonderful nite that was! I'm already feeling nostalgic.



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