Monday, 2 February 2009

Summer of Ladytude

First post, first self owned "blog"...
I actually dislike the word, I prefer to think about it as a virtual board, like old-fashioned blackboards from school. A board where I can post my rants and have a sweet and sour tea party with friends and lovers, depending on my mood.
I´m an anglophile Argentine, a citizen of the world, a defender of Greco-Roman culture and Victorian furniture, a firm believer that a cup of fine Earl Grey can sort out any ailment. Especially if added some previously chilled milk.
I love my husband, who is a pirate and a rascal. I love my sister, who is a priestess of Aphrodite. I love my friends, who are ALL misfits and pranksters.
I hate vehemently all the things I hate, like Nature when she produces hurricanes.
I´m unfair and believe in Justice and Beauty and Knowledge more than anything in this World.
I´m Lady Astor.
Come have some tea with me...


  1. Tell us a story, Lady Astor
    We love you too.

    Loli Zazou & the Pranksters

  2. Very nice... I think I´ll come and have some tea with you on a regular basis!
    Take care

  3. Fantastic!

    Que hermoso tu pequeño rincon en la red!

    We should have a real tea party, though.




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