Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sibling Bliss

My friends,

The weather has become colder, I have moved to a new house which needs lots of work, I have been toiling incessantly, me and my partner in love and life have started a new venture with which we are not entirely content...Time rolls by as it tends to do, mercilessly. But the most important news from Lady Astor’s World is the recent marriage of my beautiful and always sheltered sister.
The church ceremony and ball was yesterday, with everyone dressed to the nines. Even Rob donned a grey smoking jacket! I was fortunate enough my sister requested I read a passage from the Holy Book - Corinthians 13 - and even when I was overwhelmed by emotion I did my best to make the words sound clear.
It was a happy day I will recall for the years to come. My younger sister is not only a woman, she is now a wife.


On Love

And hold,
And cherish
And protect.

Bring forth kindness.

Create the World you live in,
Rather than conform.
The future is yours,
Live in the Now.

Two people wander,
They errantly walk the lands.
They have never seen
Each other’s face.

Until they stumble
Across each other.
And a tiny spark
Is ignited within.

It is the energy of potential.
Of “might be”.
It’s the seed of Love.

The selfless feeling,
Capable of making an egotist
Into a believer.
A gentle vibration
Which invades the Soul.

We are forever changed,
And we no longer walk alone,
When we allow the spark
To grow,
Become a Light,
And guide us through this Life.
Embrace it, nurture it,
Do not be afraid to let your ego fade.
Love is Magick.


Dedicated to Mr and Mrs Ferrari-Hernando.

The blend of love is Rosehip, a soothing tea which combined with rosehip jam - my favourite - will warm the hearts of those who reside below the Equator.
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