Friday, 22 October 2010

Ages in Violence

Full perfect Moon in the night sky, a dark week down South. A dark poem for dark times. Hopefully, violence births a new Era, and silences the incessant lies.

Love as always,
Lady Astor


Worlds are created by violence
Stars are born through violence
Galaxies are formed.
Dark matter,
Interstellar mass,
Dense gas clouds in full Technicolor.

Stars are born from chaos,
And at the end of their lives
They blow up as supernovas.
Huge explosions!

Life as we know it
As the never-ending,
Intertwining serpent,
Which twirls and bites
Its eternal tail
From Alpha to Omega.

All life is born through violence.
And love is violent,
And sex is violent.
And yet, we fail to see its beauty.

Because darkness can be beautiful,
Like the forbidden taste of yage,
Doorway to the land of Gods.
But beware, beware!
Because the ancient powers
Can punch you in the face.

We are taught to abhor violence,
Even if innate to the human condition.
But do not doubt...
We are violent, because we are alive.


Death of a Star in Cassiopeia
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