Thursday, 26 February 2009

Can I get a Witness?

I have been feeling a tad nostalgic lately. Might be the time on my hands, or the fact that I´ve taken up to writing poetry again, or maybe that I just realized I have travelled through a decade to find I´m clearly the person I was then.
Am I being too weird?
Certain interesting things have been going on that I believe are more than mere products of chance. I was re-re-re-reading "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" and suddenly I got the urge to get a copy of Herman Hesse´s "Journey to the East". Last Tuesday, as I wandered along neverending Corrientes Ave. I found a 1971 copy of the book! Of course I purchased and already finished it...But I digress.
My friend Loli´s birthday proved to be the perfect excuse to throw a psychedelic bacchanalia the sort I used to do in bygone days. Lady Astor back to spinning some records and happiness all around!
Do tag along if you please...


  1. Me encantaría.....
    Gracias por la invitación :D
    Y también por pasar a mi blog(me alegra que te haya gustado)......

    Saludos y buena Viernes.....


  2. Lady Sue got Astor! Te quiero!

  3. la la la la la la la la la la la Lady with the spinning head
    Extraño al viejo Tom Wolfe.
    Muy buen blog por cierto, es como volver a un tiempo detenido en los 60s, con la vieja RS y costumbres ya añejas (lamentablemente)
    Nadie noto que eso salvaria al mundo...
    debemos volver para ir

  4. Has sido "tageada" por mi;el tópico es "What's in your bag"....


  5. Que hermoso Serge

    El otro dia intente 10 veces dejarte un comment y no pude por q no aparecian las letritas del demonio. Grrr...Fucking tech.


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