Sunday, 22 February 2009

Lightning Speed

I´ve returned from a hectic weekend in which a handful of the usual crew stayed over at Cristian´s pad. We cooked some seafood, which was delightful, and then spent the rest of the night playing Monopoly (which he won) and Trivial Pursuit (which I won). After that, some films and still rapping until it was noon on Saturday and we had been up for over a day! Still young I guess... This is the definitive proof.

Rain was definitely something welcome to all species around this part. And sipping mint tea while watching the rain fall down makes it ever so perfect.

The picture portays a road in the Nevada desert, as taken by Ansel Adams in 1960.


Hours and hours and hours,
Playing, talking, attempting to beat the world record
Of hours being awake.

No fear.
Only hour after hour of naked existence,
Of fast talking,
Of baring the soul to the max…

You could never make it
Like this on your own
Without the added power.

No saccharine for me.
No diet colas or low fat foods.
Just a raw piece of reality
Eating at your flesh.

No sleep.
Just speed,
Bare and perfect,
Lightning illuminated
By the mind’s rod.

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