Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Edge City

I am not always as cheerful as I seem. Today is one of those days. I happen to be in a foul mood... Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow.

The image that illustrates today´s verses belongs to artist Val Britton and it´s called "on the edge of the continent".

Black, dark chinese tea, no sugar...


I rage at the sight of staleness.
I have never been one to tolerate cowardice,
Never known to show compassion
To a man who can still fight.

If you can still use
Your arms, your eyes, your two legs…
You can still make it to the finishing line.

I have been to Edge City
Many, many times,
I know its dirty, godforsaken streets,
Inside out.

I have stared wildly at the eyes of madness,
Looked down at the abyss of despair
And again shot out to the surface.

I have lost everything
And come back from the dead,
I have been maligned and cursed
And thrown to the wolves…

I always come back,
I always fight,
I always emerge.

A word to the wise,
Live only NOW.
Don’t save your breath,
Cause tomorrow may not come.

So be yourself always,
Love, Run, Scream and Shout…
Be an original.

At least that way,
You may hope to be remembered;
And that the Gods grant you
Fair dwellings in the after life.


  1. Oh, my! How much I missed in a couple of days that I couldn't visit you, dear :) I should definitely visit you more often, but my studies have kept me busy.

    Your poems just get better and better, and I really like those little notes about your day and the tea blends, they're a wonderful touch.
    Hope you get better. Enjoy today's rain.

    Best wishes and kindest regards~


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