Thursday, 5 February 2009

Lady Loves the Acid

Couldn´t be happier today! I heard through the virtual grapevine that Gus Van Sant and writer and producer Dustin Lance Black - who have just finished that jewel of a film called Milk - are currently working on one of my favourite pieces ever: The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test.
It would be an understatement to say that amazing literary juggernaut by Tom Wolfe had an influence on my life... I have been lucky enough to correspond with Ken Kesey himself while he still was among us, and know first hand what a remarkable human being he was. He even took some of his precious time to read some of my poems and posted one in his toilette, so he could gaze at it in his private time. Not to forget Ken Babbs of course, who once sent me a poem by Dante Gabriel Rosetti for my 21st birthday!
This is an amazing opportunity for those younger than myself, for whom the written word can be a tad daunting, to experience a bit of pranksterdom via the silver screen. I trust Mr Van Sant will do FURTHUR justice.
I can´t wait to see who will be chosen to play such iconic figures as Kesey, Babbs, Jerry García or Hunter Thompson!
Oh dear, I need an iced tea pitcher to overcome my anxiety... Maybe some Baldwin´s nervous pills as well!


Think for yourself
Of precarious Society.

MY Body
MY Consciousness
We can all become
Our OWN gurus
We can gather as a tribe,
We can BECOME a tribe.

Society is decrepit
and corrupt
Free speech is NONEXISTENT
Your Utopia is our Slavery
Your Wealth is our Poverty

If people only took the time
To experience the Divine,
In their own way,
By their own right,
You would instantly become

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  1. Now I love the acid too! Haha!

    Now waiting for this as well, never stop the knowledge flow. Love you.


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