Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Coming of age

One always ponders on the past, it´s an unavoidable trait of humanity. Today, as I browsed through the pages of an old Moleskine I came across this little poem, I´d like to share now with you.
Nice mint tea could take the edge off these little verses, I seemed to be in a foul mood that day!

The picture is an outline of my shadow at dusk, taken in Sabadell, Spain. This was my very first house of mine own, and I loved it dearly. I was another person then, but without whom I could have never become the person I am now.


You are and have always been
My one true love.
Always have been besides me,
Since I was born,
Day one.

When I cried
You hugged me,
Invented games,
beautiful worlds,
Fictions of my imagination...

Every time all things went wrong
With your mighty wings
You took me away
To the safest place
Near Mount Olympus.

When I grew up
And none of my dreams came true,
You built my armour,
Which shone as gold.
Never to be taken or broken
By a human soul.

Many men attempted
To take my love from you...
Only I found nobody
Could turn me on like you.

Cause even in the darkest nights
If I should call one name in bed at night,
It won´t be God,
Or mom, or dad,
It will always be my mind.

25th January, 2005


  1. Lovely moments I will spend with your verses and your teas.
    Thank you in advance, sweetie.

  2. The pic reminded me of Mary Poppins.

    Love you.


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