Tuesday, 3 February 2009

By the Beach

I recently spent some time by the sea, in the Brighton-like resort of Mar del Plata. This poem was inspired by the spectacle I witnessed from a lonely bench, overlooking Playa Varesse. The pictures were taken from that very spot.
I suggest green tea with a hint of lemon, to fully appreciate the experience.
Hope you enjoy it!


I let myself go
and see no one.
I couldn´t care less
about the hungry packs
of bottle blondes
that roam the streets,
lusting for the perfect tan.

I see instead
my soul unchanged.
The little girl of yore,
the wife and woman of today.

I sit and behold
the magnificent skyline,
beloved by my mom.
The tender way the clouds
paint the ocean
in patterns and shades of green.

I don´t even have a thought
to spare on greedy sunbathers,
hoping to hog all the sun,
while building invisible trenches
to enclose themselves from the rest,
who are actually their mirrors.

I look above and beyond
and see Blue.
And the realms of Gods,
and all those
who have left these lands,
and now roam
and from Elysian Fields hear my thoughts.

I confront the ghost of those past,
and embrace their invisible arms.
I see smiles from Italian descent,
and the clear shade of old Irish eyes.

As bulky men flex their arms,
while their girls show off their toned abs,
I sit by myself and write,
fully clothed,
an Ode to the Land.
The glorious marvel of nature´s perfection,
which was intended unspoiled.

And though the cheesy sounds
from some faraway speakers
spoil my concentration,
I see them all fade
and no longer care...

18th January, 2009


  1. My dearest Lady Astor, I must admit this blog was a very very nice surprise, even nicer than I'd imagined.
    It's a pleasure to find people with such domain over the language :)
    I particularly like your descriptions. I'll be stopping by more often, if you don't mind of course :D Hope you don't.

    Brightest blessings~

    Pd: Hasta ahi llegaron mis 2 neuronas después de pasar la mañana estudiando formalismo ruso xD Sepa disculpar los errores gramaticales. Beso!


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