Monday, 16 February 2009

Little Terrace Time

I do not own, like most of the ladies who grace today´s society, a grand garden with a swiming pool, a tennis court or a maze to play hide and seek. I have a small private terrace with a barbecue and a small strip of land. But I do cherish my afternoons there, when I sit right after watering my plants and sip my favourite blends of tea.

I had mint tea with brown sugar today, perfect for such a rainy day!


How many hours have I spent,
Gazing at the simple Nature
Of my minuscule terrace?

Trying to find in the leaves
An answer of some sort;
Being their quest for life
A proof of our own will to survive.

I intently stare at the sky,
Feel the soft breeze in my hair…
Such a wondrous feeling,
For such a tiny space!

A cloud shaped as a dragon,
Which then turns into a snail,
These are the sorts of things
That make us feel more humane.

I sit in a plastic chair,
Waiting for the sun to set…
I’ve done this so many times!

It is my own quiet time,
A cherished little moment,
I am ALL with the World,
And nothing can harm me.

As I wait for the stars
To start twinkling in the early sky,
I feel immune to my problems
And thank the Gods I’m alive.

Faint music and the sound
Of my husband’s hands tapping the keyboard
Let me know I’m still around.
That I’m me,
In my house…

But still the lingering feeling remains
That there’s more to the World
Than us and our earthly designs.


Tell me, darling...

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