Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Wild Bunch

Eerie mix, which were once called "Club A-Go-Go", "The Cool Ones", "Factory Teens" or "Argie Expats in Barcelona"...
My promised ode, to the night at Live!... Can I Get a Witness?


The Wild Bunch was waiting
For the chance
To get back
To the Lime Light…

And so it did,
And so we danced,
And it was wild,
And we got drunk!

And crazy old songs were played
Which reminded us
Of another time
And age.

When we were younger,
And still our dreams
Were afar…
It all became possible
Just for one night.



  1. i have never tried -aromaterapia- but i like also -infusiones- y -meditación-

    oH no, wait, i try -aromaterapia- orange and something else i can´t remeber...

  2. Hello darling! Despite of what everyone might think, Autumn equinox is today!! :) At least this year.
    Check out Google :b If Google says so, it must be true, right? hahaha

    I'll be out all afternoon today and tomorrow. It seems I won't have any spare time to meet you this sabbat. But we'll always have others! :D Let's get together for Samhain! I'll be celebrating it at home or in Vicente Lopez, near the river. I'll let you know.
    Got msn? Here's mine, just in case you want to chat:

    Hugs & autumnal blessings, dear.
    Have a lovely day ~


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