Monday, 2 March 2009

Heads & Freaks & Mods of the World Unite!

Friday was a blast... Most wonderful rendezvous ever! I´m as excited as a 10 year who´s just arrived from a trip to his favourite amusement park.

The experiment worked yet again, it worked as smoothly as it did a decade ago. Some faces were the same, some are gone and some hopefully will join us next time. I have yet to organize my thoughts in order to properly chronicle the night, but it will shortly be here. Lady Promise.
Thank you Wild Bunch: Loli, Lolo, Martin, Bimbo, Annie and my dearest sister Lu for being able to turn back the wheels of time to a happier place on Earth.
We deserve it!

The one in the picture est moi, as taken by Lolitown my partner in crime, whilst spinning some floorshaking marvels from my lovely customized polka dotted laptop.


  1. wow, somehow ive just realized that i need several english lessons :)

  2. Que bueno que la fiesta salió muy bien :)
    Ojalá en mi ciudad realizaran fiestas de ese tipo;yo sé que hay gente acá que es fan del rock de los 60's y 70's,y particularmente de la cultura mod...Sería bueno que alguien creara un espacio para los mods del alma como yo..... :)
    En fin....

    Muy linda la foto,ahora ya puedo decir que te conozco de vista... :)

    Nos vemos.


  3. That Wild Bunch...Much funnier, full of energy and joie de vivre than the ones my own age with their boiling hormones and all.


  4. ESa noche...qué reina total!


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