Monday, 30 March 2009

Golden Son

Dearest friends,

First of all my sincerest apologies for neglecting these pages last week. I’ve been flooded by worries and toil, which muddled my ability to devote to this haven the time it deserves. At the same time, the disembarkment of loved ones in these Southern shores, prompted me to devote physical time to pay them much needed respects. So my love lies with my wonderful in-laws and beautiful ephebe Roman, my remaining spiritual child.

It is paramount to make the ones we care about aware of our affections, since if failing to do so, we could regret it terribly in time of their passing. I was recently affected by this occurrence, having lost my first spiritual child, Diego. I have not yet recovered.

I will leave you with eclectic verses, aimed at those who mean the world to me. An elegy to the parted and a eulogy to the one who remains, so that he is granted the strength to grow, develop and expand.
A warm cup of green tea, to cleanse the body and mind, is proposed to better enjoy these stanzas.


Oh dear sons of mine,
To my life what have you done?
I gave you knowledge,
Though you have given me pain…

Golden Sun,
Golden Son.
To gaze in your hair
Is to envision the star.

But reality be told,
You are child of the Moon,
Brother of dark Dionysus,
Cousin of the great God Pan.

When others see light in your eyes,
They fail to see the gloom
I have always recognized
To be your sinister doom.

For it is you who has courted
The nymphs at Lake Nemi,
And battled the keeper of the sacred grove,
And ran ecstatically naked
In the forests of everlasting night,
Snatching ambrosia from the Immortals.

Your fate was sealed,
You should pay your profanity
And when the wrath is appeased
Return to innocence’s rest.

You are now back in the land of Selene,
Where your painful sores will be cared,
It is now time for your mind
To rise from slumberous scares.

Poppy dreams are not a feat
Fit for those who shouldn’t sleep,
But live to tell the tale
Of the Goddess sacred feasts!



  1. it´s always good to spread the love i thinkk...

  2. Indeed.

    Ame todas, pero mas que nada, la imagen de Diana.


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