Friday, 6 March 2009


I had the weirdest dream last Wednesday night, I dreamt of the feathered snake biting its tail. My grandmother Velia and Aunt Mimi were there too, both dearly departed ones. Amidst the fogs of Morpheus, I was able to pick up my mobile phone from under my pillow - dreadfully modern I know, but necessary believe me – and wrote the following phrase: “Unexpectedly, the feathered snake, bit its tail”.
Ouroboros was well known in ALL ancient civilizations and represents the “ALL IS ONE”, the eternal return, the wheel of life, Ying and Yang if you will. I am grateful for this dream, which is something scholars, alchemists and mystics of all ages have strived to achieve.
I toast with fresh green tea for a new beginning, for me and for all!


The feathered snake
Bit its tail.

Water poured frantically,
Jungle like.
Odours and moist,
Subdued by the scent
Of Indian incense.

Heavy slumber
From the wild monsoon,
In the savage lands
Of the World´s End.

Rhythmic fall.
Epic cascades
Over the city,
Denying its civilized flair.

And still…
It smells of Jungle,

The city will pass.
The daily strife
Of passers by
Will cease to be.
And only will remain
The Wild.

Will rise and strike

The proud egos
Which rule this land
Will be shattered
None will prevail.

Their time will pass,
As I will too,
And so these words
Will turn to dust…

As unexpectedly
As the feathered snake
Bit its own tail.

Pedet finis aborigine
εν το παν

Look for the End in the Beginning
All is One


  1. Cheers to that wonderful unexpected dream!

    Love you!


  2. my dear lady!nice to met you, I hope we can join some time on Brandon next thursday.
    please come and say hello to me.

  3. Nice the "puntitos" in the notebook!

  4. Me encanta el Lady Astor Tea Party!Te sigo Ceci.

    Ps: el benjamin ciudadano del mundo aka romancinho ya está por estas tierras. C U!

  5. I was freshly caught by this meaning in my life.No room for fears ..


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