Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Year


It is today the first birthday of this little space.
A year to feel and share,
To meet new people
To weave a thread like Arachne
That links me to other worlds.

The year of one plus one
Was a year of loss,
Deception and betrayal,
Unfulfilled projects and dreams.

I became aware of my body
I acknowledged the passage of time
I went from Maiden to Matron.
Though still childless…
I grew up.

I wrote thirty-three original poems,
I aided my loved ones and learnt
Humility and compassion,
And found joy in despair.

I saw my biggest fears
Eye to eye
And realized that you can lose everything.
But when you find yourself
Nothing you can lose is lost.

I am again about to move,
In a few weeks only
I will be packing again
And changing the roof above my head.

It is the fate of some
To move, to transform, to change,
To become new incarnations
In this very world.

To all those who ever read these lines,
If they made you think, or fantasize,
I thank you for coming by.
See you later!
Good Year.



  1. from one of these who reads these lines, that make me drift and cosmologise - becoming who we are and were today. What is Time, a land of make believe and Arthur Rackum black and whites? Ancient thoughts respond with music harmonise, but lost in the brown deep pools of Tetly, call me to make a long forgotten cuppa memory

  2. Felicitaciones hermosa! y creo que te leo desde los comienzos, y te voy a seguir leyendo.


  3. And I've enjoyed your blog since the moment I found it.


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