Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hello it´s me

"Hello it´s me, haven't seen you in a while
I wished I talked to you more when you were alive
I thought you were self-assured when you acted shy
Hello it's me."

John Cale & Lou Reed
Songs for Drella


Dear Friends,

I have been missing for a while, I know I am to blame, but as I have been very busy in Barcelona, I believe I might have a bit of an excuse.
Since my arrival things took a turn for the worse, all plans went awry and once again I was faced with no other answer but patience. On the Southern front, a beloved member of my family has come down with a serious illness and might leave this world soon. So, as it is, everything is stalled, frozen and all attempts at change are futile.


I cannot write,
I want to write and exorcize
My inner demons,
My soul.

The hand wanders,
The tip of my nail bangs the letters,
I force myself to type,
I am after all a scribe.

An old remnant of a bygone era,
An analogue being trying hard to survive
In the technoccult world
Of now.

My skills are nothing.
Who needs a writer, who needs a scholar?
Who needs a scribe?

I cannot seem to find my way,
How can I be of use,
When all I have to offer
Is hardly utilitarian?

I lose people every year,
The wise ones who need not learn
Any more from this wretched world,
Though I stay.

I stay to bear witness
To the new eon,
When man becomes machine
And poets are useless.


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  1. There is no utility in tons of stuff, but still, they somehow exist, perhaps and for sure somewhere in our minds they are of use, without scribes there wouldn't be readers! Without drugs there wouldnt be junkies! Without art there wouldnt be tons of types of ppl whose personality or own peace of mind depends on it and/or fucking arty snobs!

    Haha, se me fue la olla...But you know that words are still necessary, at least for our own peace of mind, and what else matters more than that, really?

    Love you forever, Lady!


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