Monday, 18 May 2009


The past month was a strange coming together of dark forces, which I have been trying to dispel. For the first time I faced the uncertainty of our carcasses, and that was exposed in the last poem I posted back in April, “Body is treacherous”. At the same time, nothing went according to plan and I ended nearly scavenging for funds, submerged in debts. As the say goes, when you’re tight and sick your only refuge can be love, and in my case it was…
As cheesy as it may sound to anyone who dares read my words, I rediscovered the simple life I hold together with my life partner Rob, as something more precious than anything external. Comfort is nice, but surplus nevertheless. That seems to be the lesson I was able to snatch from the pits of the Darkness.
Going back to straight tea with milk, to eventually pick up the pace of my forsaken log.

Lady Astor


Fortuna, come hither!
I dance at your whim
Through the tides of time,
Could you at least for once
Give me a beneficial chance?

Sitting and fretting
On the cold grey marble floor
Of the behemoth public hospital facilities,
As I listen to female nonsensical chatter
I expect resolutions for my ailing body.

A connected string of bad omens,
Never been one out of worries
And though my body resisted,
My emotions however
Have proven much less resilience.

With each blow I less expect
And have almost forfeited
The narrow chances of success
I might have had some time ago,
When my spring bore the signs of Hope.

So dear Fortuna I beg of thee,
Bless me with your bountiful smile,
Dress my soul with robes of gold
And repave my path with Trust.
Lest you want this loyal friend
To forever lose her Faith.


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  1. Que precioso Ceci, cuidate. Te quiero mucho.


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