Sunday, 19 April 2009

Body is treacherous

I am infinitely thankful for the kind comments poured in my life log. It is here I open my soul for the world to see and gain confidence from the encouragement I receive.
As I sip my English tea – no sugar of course – I salute thee.

Much love,
Lady Astor


Body is treacherous…
We are taught it is majorly composed by water,
And as water it’s ever changing,
Fluctuates constantly,
Like the Waters in Heraclitus´ river.

As I watch the skies before the dawn,
I observe the position of the constellations
Which have accompanied the fates of mankind
Since the dawn of time,
And scrutinize their seasonal permutations.

The moon is waning, bright and covered in mist,
Light bathing my body as I keep waiting
For answers as time slips away,
As the firmament of Southern Fall
Makes the twenty ninth star of Capricorn the brightest.

Things are meant to never last,
Though flux confuses our senses
As that which we were familiar with
Fades away with each passing season,
Until we inhabit a house that becomes alien.

Body is treacherous…
We were immortals once and we suddenly discover
The earthly residence we once knew so well
Rebels against our very selves,
As wild horses drive to tragedy our bountiful cart.



  1. i was going ti update a poem of my own today at my blog,
    but in the end i decided just to put a nice song and a poetic tittle for the concept to be understand ;)

    we are water, w RE CHANGING ALL THE TIME*

  2. Me encanta tu manejo del inglés..... :)
    Ciertamente tengo que mejorar.

    Nos vemos y buena semana.


  3. What's going on?

    Love you forever.

  4. No prob about that...It's just that this post got me worried...


  5. how is going you emotional mutation??

    this happens all the time to us, humans

    hope ur new emotions brings joy and laughs :)

    i like to get practice on my english here! jj

    anything i can help on ur mutation, let m know ;)



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