Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Journey

Dear Friends,

I recently received a gift, a marvelous gift, from a friend. He was able to extract many of my old poems, short stories and even the skeleton of a novel I started writing when I was 19, from an old derelict hard drive I had been keeping beside me since 2006.

The aim of this discovery is to finally publish a collection of my favourite works, in order to "publish or perish" as they say.

This is an example of the lost words I had been keeping in a digital box for such a long time, and it feels as relevant now as it was then. So I hope you enjoy it.

Love as always,
Lady Astor


Win or lose,
Fight or perish...
As this we count the hours
Which die and take us with them.

Where we are heading
We know not,
But wander in the semi-consciousness
Of our reality.

What you believed in
Has now changed
And so you built bridges
In your aim to understand.
But divine certainty
Cannot be understood by man.

So you thought you’d educate yourself
By the means of a journey,
Only you did not know
Which way you’d travel to.

You were guided by the stars,
The sun and moon,
And to a fortunate place you arrived
But to stay...
Oh, no, you were not allowed.

It was an old scattered picture,
A memory from your childhood,
When you didn’t care for time,
When the mirror you feared not,
When the world surrounding to your self belonged.

With sorrow you were due to part,
We need to evolve,
Not to rest in pleasant times.
You knew the journey was hard,
Incoherent faded figures
Came across in thunderlike speed,
It didn’t matter,
We have to overcome our fears.

Then to a sordid,
Deserted landscape you arrived,
Cool as the Arctic it was,
But wisdom and knowledge you were promised
And you got tempted by that.

Oh, it was very much lonesome,
Existence in such icy grounds,
Deprived of any companions
Was obsolete the understanding you’d found.

Your days were, we could say,
Cemetery like,
And you decided in that place
Your journey would not end.

Again you were not aware
Which way would be best to take.
This time the road wasn’t wide
And walking through it was hard,
And so were your heart and soul
The guides for your steps to come.

And finally, when you were beaten by tiredness
And your legs refused to hold you,
Yet you looked above and beheld eternity
With colours that blinded your senses.

Your soul jumped to the sky
And you landed on the ground,
Where you held the hand of love
Which felt like fire.

And though the journey wasn’t over yet,
Floating you found a new way.
You will walk from the first step,
A way that is every way,
A way that by souls is paved.

Barcelona, March 15th, 2006.


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