Monday, 26 July 2010

The Troll

I’m sadly amazed at the levels of violence we humans are using while operating in the free arena that is the Internet. Makes me wonder how life would be if Government and State would cease to exist… And believe me this is cause of grief, because I am an anarchist, and I hate big Government.

Saddened because I encounter this behaviour daily, in posts regarding all sorts of topics, and with people of all walks of life and all sorts of educational levels. It leaves me pondering if we ever will become free of the tyranny of our egos. I know I am to blame as well, because I am also a narcissist, because I want to be right… But at what cost? That, my friends is the ultimate question.

Those in South America may enjoy a lovely cup of boldus tea, but I’m afraid it might be hard to find in the boreal regions of the planet.

My love as always,
Lady Astor


I hate you
Because I think.
I know what lies within your head.
I am pretty certain,
Just by looking at you,
What is on your mind.

Upon checking out two words you said
I can tell the entire structure of your thought.
Where you are from,
Where you were before
And where you will be.

Because I know.
I know you are wrong.
And I am of course,
Completely right.
And if you haven’t noticed
I can tell all that, with a blink of my mind’s eye!

But you see,
I’m completely tolerant.
If someone ever thought up a statue
To commemorate the most equitable person on Earth.
My effigy would become
The monument’s grandiose face.

Your years of study,
Your abilities
Your contemplation…
Are all irrelevant.
Resistance is futile.
I am right and you are wrong.

Simple as that.
Because I might be a troll,
But I’m also sure,
I’m on the good side of the fence.
I just know I’m right
And you are not.


The Troll is illustrated by John Kovalic


  1. cenamos con mi niña juana con esta maravillosa música de fondo, gracias por ello :)
    por lo demás puedo notar que sos un alma sensible en mundo tan cegado, no te aflijas niña ,es moneda corriente el juzgar a los demás y lo triste de todo esto es que lo hacen desde una incomprensión total de la verdad de cada ser
    gracias por compartirte y abrir tu corazón ,no abunda, y eso es especial :)
    beso y abrazo desde mi pequeño lugar en el mundo.

  2. Qué lindo lo que contás Nany!!!
    Un placer haberte conocido...
    Un beso gigante


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